Friday, August 12, 2005

The results are in...

... And we have two gift shops in town that are worth the gas to get there. Ok, if you're into knitting there's a neat new yarn and fabric shop, too, so three. This is of the grand total 7 that we went into. I did hear some good news that our cute tea shop in town was sold and won't be closing.

We had a fun day, our last stop being the local farmers market, which was a wonderful experience! There was beautiful produce, in a pretty setting and we ate well, too. We set our weekend agenda by buying a bushel of peaches. We're going to make and freeze some pies and can the rest.

Today is our last day of swimming. In the past, two weeks in a row of running to the pool has gotten very old- this year it just flew by! The boys have done great, and it's been fun to watch. They are both jumping from the board without flotation devices around their waists and their enthusiasm about it is contagious. Oh, speaking of the pool... gotta fly!

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