Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Starting in with a bang, well, splash...

It's August! Which means summer is coming to an end. That's what skipping town for a month does... Make summer seem short. We got back, and launched in unpack/clean up mode (which may take most of this month) and lo and behold started swimming lessons Monday.
It's a whirlwind! Life, I mean. I know that you are as busy as you allow yourself to be, but I look at my life and wonder where to cut back. We wouldn't have to do swimming lessons- I admit that. Upon arriving home, however, I see 200 things that I really need to get to, and I turn into this "Major Mom" instead of the even-keeled woman I aspire to be. There's this closet to reorganize, photos to get in order, clothes to be gone through, a weekend family reunion to prepare for, trim work to paint, a desk I'd like to redo, a crater in our front yard to be seen to... The list goes on and yet I know at my root level I don't believe in cloning, so how will it ever all be accomplished?
One thing at a time, right?
Lord, please help me prioritize, because in the midst of all I see to be done I have three beautiful children that are growing up [without permission :)] before my eyes.

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