Monday, August 22, 2005

My family is visiting the farm again, and once more I am enjoying the sound of silence. I haven't heard anyone speak for 2 hours now, well, if you're not counting crickets (No, I am not camping out, THEY are camping in. With my "cricket bounty hunters" gone- I give the kids a nickel for every wretched cricket they smash and flush- the darn things are flourishing!).

Today was a putzing day... I caught up on the laundry and sat down to get paperwork taken care of. I prepared for soccer tomorrow night (my "I'll help out" in spring turned into a head coaching position this fall due to a lack of volunteers...ugh... Thankfully 4 and 5 year olds are usually pretty forgiving.), got a calendar figured out for kindergarten with Doodle (YEAH! We are starting Wednesday, Lord willing, when he gets back. I know he isn't as excited as I am!) and "reconciled" the checkbook. That last task is a bit tongue-in-cheek as the checkbook and I never seem to truly reconcile. Oh, we have a lot of the same numbers as we go along, but somehow we never come out with the same conclusion. Thankfully, most of our misunderstandings have been in my favor. I'll be the first to admit I don't have a true grasp on accounting. No major tragedies have taken place however, and I'll keep muddling through the reconciliations. I like to think of it as an opening for Gods provision. "Huh... This statement shows that I should have $200 more? Ok... Thanks, Lord!" LOL
Well, I'm off to bed. I've got a great pot of coffee set to wake me up in 7 hours and trim just begging to be painted in the peace and quiet. Tomorrow I'll post photos of Mom's handiwork in our front yard... We had so much fun!

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