Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Doodle, Doodle, Doodle...

Those of you who know our Doodle in person KNOW how he pops in, blurts something out, then is off to the next thing while you are left to wonder...

I hustled the kids out on this beautiful spring-like day (after -20, 34 feels like spring!) and suddenly Doodle burst in, "MOMMY!"



(I closely examine his find, yep, it's an eggshell.) "oh, yeah..."

"Mom, I found it by a TREE!"



"I don't know, Doodle, it's kind of cold for birds to be laying eggs yet..."
(thinking, "Sweetheart, that is definitely last week's breakfast pulled out of our trash can by those wayward crows.")

"Well, (huge snarfle of snot being sucked back in... arm swipe to nose),
Prolly a rabbit." (SLAM, he's out again)

Oh, my. I don't think I'm doing his education justice. Time to talk mammals/birds.

(I am rocking from laughter and he is whipping around the loop of our driveway on his bike. He saw me laughing and stopped, waved and laughed with me... Oh, I love this kid!


Jodi said...


Mama Heffalump said...

Maybe he is thinking that maybe that's where the Easter bunny came from! *ROFL*

the dahls said...

I never put that together, Mama, but I see the logic!

We've been seeing lots of rabbit tracks and droppings, but no rabbits, so it was just logical to think they're around somewhere!

Last night when I was putting him to bed I asked him, "Doodle, how are rabbits born?" He said, "From eggs," and rolled over. We did have a short chat about it. I think we're on the same page now.

Mama Heffalump said...

This is just too funny! *Bwahaha*
I can see my Rosie getting the same idea! *Grin*