Sunday, February 19, 2006

A Whirlwind of a Week to Come

Ahhh... Though it is still frigid, a sunny, laid-back Sunday is just what is needed in the Dahl house. Jake and Bella are upstairs napping,& Doodle and Noah are in the basement playing away. I had some quiet time in the new bible study I'm working on. I think I may sleep a bit before I go out to work.

Here's the run-down of our week:

Monday- by God's grace we have vacation for President's Day! In the evening Jake has a home game

Tuesday-Pediatrition appts. for the bookends (Bella and Noah) about 30 minutes to the south mid-afternoon, Jake has parent/teacher conferences 4-8, kids have swimming lessons 20 minutes to the north in the evening

Wednesday- Pinewood Derby in the evening... Jake has late practice, so won't be there until the end.

Thursday- Chaperone Noah's class to "Seussical" after lunch, Coference with his classroom teacher at 4, Reading teacher at 4:15, Jake conferences 4-8, Swimming lessons at 7.

Friday- Home Game

Throw in all the misc. and we've got a crazy week on tap!
I think I'll be taking that nap now...

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