Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The End of January...

I'm sitting in the quiet with my "Life is Good" mug full of coffee (PTL) and marveling at the fact that it is February. Wow. We got a couple inches of snow, so the Lake (formerly known as our driveway) is now a white expanse again.

(Little footsteps, Honey Nut Cheerios poured, wild hair tucked behind ears, prayer... I'm back)

The end of January flew... We got back from HM's (still no word of baby), and have been attending Jake's games on a regular basis. The Dawgs have won the last two (PTL) and last night Jake took the team to an area game to scout and have some off-court fun. He really had a good time and the guys said multiple times, "We've gotta do this again!"

Noah didn't have school the 23rd, so we took a Mom/kid hike:


This past weekend brought us to Jake's family farm, where we got to see the new barn in working order. They just built a free-stall barn and milking parlor. It was really cool... and milking went SO fast- it's just slick! The boys were in there helping put units on! We all had fun- especially Jake and his brother Josh.
We are all so happy for him!

Jake turned 33 on the 30th (Sorry, no photo)... and we got to celebrate with a beautiful dinner at Canoe Bay, where I am usually the one serving, not being served! It was a delicious meal- and the lengthy, uninterrupted conversation was wonderful!

Well, I now have the Cheerio-eater on my lap and not only does she want to "be the space bar presser" but her wild hair is in my mouth, nose... we've gotta go shower...


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Sweet. I love the crispness this time of year.