Friday, February 03, 2006

We had a tought night at the Dahl house... Jake had a homegame and as the time drew near I debated whether or not we were up to it. The kids are starting swimming lessons next week which will interfere with our game attendance, so I decided we better go.

We got there, and sat alone (which was really OK, MH... despite the article), the team was shooting poorly and losing. By halftime they were down more and Bella (who was tired, yes, and had ear trouble the night before) started to be a pill. It ended with her crying and yelling,"I want my Daddy!" We got coats on and I carried her (protesting) to the van. Ugh. She was naughty, but because it was such an embarrassing situation, I didn't handle it correctly, either. Ugh.

I'm glad it's a fresh day. I could really use a dose of sunshine, but it looks like snow instead. We're looking forward to a family night tonight... heading south to have our taxes done. I think we all need some Daddy time... the kids with theirs and me with Mine.

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Mama said...

*Piping in sunshine ASAP!*