Thursday, May 03, 2007

10 things meme

OK, I was bad at posting the last meme De(de) threw my way so I am going to do this one so she doesn't hold a grudge forever (he he... you have to read her list to get that one!).

I am to list ten facts about me or habits that I have, and then am supposed to tag ten of you to play along. I haven't done this for a long time, so I may repeat, and I don't think there are ten of you out there who read this blog and have your own (or haven't already been tagged by De), so if you want to play along, please do, and leave a comment so I can read them!

1. I hate feet. Especially other peoples feet. I even wince when I have to trim the kids toenails. The boys both do their own now. Dry feet are the worst... On me and others. ugh.

2. I go through deodorant very slowly. Though I DO wear it daily, Jake goes though 2 or 3 sticks to my one. (Let me know if you are a friend who has noticed I don't put enough on. I do want to know.)

3. There are only 4 foods I don't like (I think). Milk, cake, frosting and coconut. I am a very adventurous eater and will try just about anything that isn't in the "Fear Factor" realm.

4. I love hiking and walking. I would take a hike daily if time allowed.

5. I was adopted at 2 months old. I have found my birth mother, but once my curiosity about her was fulfilled I am no longer in touch with her. I have a GREAT God-given family and have no desire to pursue a relationship with my birth mom. There are many more emotions to that all than I ever knew existed. I still don't understand them all! :) I DO know that I am very full with all God has blessed me with.

6. I *LOVE* garage sales and most of what I wear is from them. Not everything... but at least an item a day.

7. I get carsick when I am not in the front seat. Be warned. :) It's manageable... I usually just need to open a window and get air when I start to feel queasy.

8. I can't stand waking up to a dirty kitchen.

9. I love to shower and take L-O-N-G showers. Daily.

10. I took 8 years of piano lessons. I also played the oboe for 8 years with stints on the cymbals, alto sax, and bass drum for marching band.

There you go! Probably not new for most of you. Play along!!! I dare you.


Mommy said...

You didn't meantion what you wear to garage sales. I think I feel a post coming on. :)

I've already been tagged...twice...for this, so it will probably be showing up on my blog, too.

That makes two posts coming.

And, I do believe it's raining out.

Anonymous said...

If you don't like feet, what did you think of Heiden's feet? Kelsy was amazed at the sight of her feet!