Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Well yesterday was extremely productive- Thank you, Lord!- so Doodle, Bella and I are off to visit Jake's parents and brother at the farm. While we are gone, Lord willing, the forms will be built and concrete will be poured for the basement. When I get back I am hoping to photo document the process, thus far, here at Doodles. I know, edge-of-your-seat excitement and FREE!

For those curious, tomorrow the baby will reach 5 1/2 inches (the length of a large sweet potato) and about 7 ounces. I can feel her/him flutter kick when I lay down at night (my still moment of the day) and there's no questioning whether or not I am pregnant. I just popped right out over the last week. Thank you to my sweet sisters in law (Laura, Cori) for the maternity clothes! I settled them all in the closet yesterday and I am set, thanks to you two and a few good garage sales!

Take Care, all! We'll catch up in a few days!

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