Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A fun day was had...

Well, the kick-off to summer is behind us (Yet Noodle and Jake have 7 1/2 days of school remaining). We had such a fun day! We got to enjoy a day of watching softball (me), climbing on the playground with friends (Bella), fishing from start to finish (Doodle), and fishing mixed with a horseback ride (Noodle). Jaker got to play in the softball tourney (and did mighty well if I do say so myself!) and they finished 3rd. We ended the day with a good ol' Memorial Day picnic and campfire with friends. The kids ran through the sprinkler as the adults sat around the fire. When the smores came out twas not such a relaxing fire as the marshmallow/ graham cracker/ chocolate assembly line was buzzing with demands!

Today is laundry, cleaning and at-home time. The two little ones are putting away clothes and doing chores as I contemplate my next move.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!


Mommy said...

It sure feels like a Monday (and looks like it at my house), but aren't you glad it's Tuesday? :)

molly said...

yes. This week has the potential of being a fast one! (Aren't they all, though?)