Thursday, May 24, 2007

My sweet little zucchini

No, we are not having twins.

The baby has reached the small zucchini stage- about 9 oz. and 6 inches head to rump. Makes me wonder why the legs don't count, as they are the most invasive part of this little wonder. I feel him/her kicking a lot now, especially when I am in this chair or in bed at night.

I think we have reached a decision on names. If it's a girl it will be Kennedy (Tessa is our back up name) and should it be a boy I think we're going with Caden (or my preferred spelling, Caeden) much to Noodle's dislike. He likes Justin and can't understand why we don't just choose it and be done with the whole discussion. I remember being opinionated on the topic when my brother was born when I was in second grade, and even more so when we talked about names later with my mom... "should there have been another sibling." We'll see. We did a last minute change to "Doodle" after our long-planned name was taken by a friend less than a month before he was born.

The construction is going well. Jaker is working his heart out. I got what is left of our yard mowed yesterday- just in time for the rain! :)
Praise the Lord for the much-needed showers! :)
I'll leave you with a couple photos of the less-than-beautiful stage of construction we are in!

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JUST A MOM said...

did you ask why they dont count the legs? Names,, such a hard thing to figure out.