Monday, September 22, 2008

The fat lady has sung

And by that I mean I am not going to can one more thing.
Until next summer.
I don't even want to give the totals of things, which is usually kind of fun. I love the results, like the process, yet am relieved when the chore is finished.

Last week as I was slaving away over bubbling pots of tomatoes I was lamenting the fact that the sun was shining and the temps were gloriously high in MN. The forecast said this week was to drop into the 60's with a chance of rain. Lo and behold this morning I looked again, and it seems as though the Lord is blessing us with a repeat of last week's weather-- 70's and sunny-- which for this girl is perfect. I am beside myself with excitement.

So, Lanman and I are off for a bike ride. He sits in the trailer cute as a bug and spends the entire ride trying to rip his helmet off. It keeps him entertained, at least! I hope to tend to some wayward bricks in our landscaping and soak in the last of summer's glory.
And love on my baby boy.
Who is SO close to his first steps.
Which I am not encouraging AT ALL.

Enjoy the sunshine!

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Mommy said...

Wanna go to the park today? :) Wish we could do that together still. Love you!