Tuesday, September 09, 2008

How Do I Love Thee? *updated edition*

1. I love your dimples, your humility, your constant support and fun-filled "true companion"ship. :)

2. I love your inhibition, your love of life and your sweet heart (You know your Mommy's love of frogs, rocks and daisies.).

3. I love your thoughtful ways, your playfulness and your kind spirit.

4. I love your attentiveness to everything around you, your budding sense of humor and being your very favorite person.

5. I love your glow, your excitement and the fervor with which you lap up life.

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Mommy said...

Man, you are just a blogging fool lately!

I loved the "abs" post yesterday. No doubt Lanman got a good ab workout, too. :)

Waiting to see a pic of your man in a How Do I Love Thee post. I don't think he's graced the blog with his photo in a while. :)

molly said...

I don't think I have a recent photo... but you're right! He ought to have been first! I'll amend it today!