Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Merely a Sideshow

Fall is a time for fresh starts- more so for me than the New Year is. Probably because I have always lived with the school calendar as my guide due to my teacher husband.

So this fall I promised myself a regular exercise regime. Yesterday I tried a "Post-baby Rehab your Abs" workout I tore out of some magazine and I really liked it. Lanman did, too as he thought it was completely for his entertainment. He sat about 3 feet away clapping and laughing until he could take it no more and laid his head on my chest- belly laughing. Which caused me to laugh at him laughing... and well, they say laughter is good exercise, or the best medicine or something that's good for you, right? I eventually finished the workout, and am happy to report sore abs this morning. All further toning will be done at nap time.

Off for our walk!

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