Monday, September 08, 2008

Such a privilege...

I've been thinking lately. This blog is somewhat of a journal for my kids. A journal with big gaping holes :), but there are some things I want them to know. This is the first:

I love being an at-home mom. I love the privilege of raising my kids. Of being able to be here with them as babies and preschoolers. I don't mean to offend, but I can't fathom dropping them off with someone else for the entire day. It would kill me! I can handle used cars, no cable and whatever else for this season-- just let me be the one to raise my babies! I have loved this season of life. Of being the first one to see their firsts. My mom has done in-home day care for 32 years now and countless times she has seen a baby's first steps, heard their first word, etc., only for the parents to come two weeks later announcing what they think to be a first. She's never told. A secret better left kept. (Yes, I know the big ones are off to school now, I'm slowing loosening my apron strings. :) )

I love being able to make homemade meals. And keep our house in order. Yes, I probably have more cleaning to do because we're in and out all day, but it's well worth the effort. I love the pace of our lives right now. (This week, any way!) I work outside our home two evenings a week and the first weekend of the month. I really like my job. I love the people I work with. Side by side, though, there is no comparing it to my day job- my real job- of being a mom. I'm so glad that my husband and I share this priority. He is so wonderfully supportive of my being home with our kids and investing in their lives. Jobs will always be out there. Someday? Maybe I'll work outside our home full-time. At one point I would have said definitely. Now? Maybe. I love the season we are in. I love my mission field- my family and community. I thank the Lord for where He has put me and I'm treasuring the "little moments..." because they all goes by much too fast.

So there you go, kiddos. I love ya.

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Rach said...

Me too. :)