Monday, September 22, 2008

First off, these are the eyes that melt my heart each day:

He's getting into just about everything these days, so that is the look I see quite often. "Who me?"

And here is our Sunday afternoon in a nutshell:
In the middle of our FB game yesterday (I was the distinguished all-time QB playing with each of the big boys), Noodle says, "I think I want you to cut my hair today."
When I woke up, cranked on my ears a bit and said, "Huh?" he confirmed that I had heard the impossible.
This from the kid who has spent two years growing his hair long and has laughed at the mere mention of a trim.
I ran towards the house for the clippers and was quickly reprimanded-- "AFTER the game, Mom."

So, we did it.
I asked at least twenty-two times before I turned the clipper on if he was sure.
Wouldn't blame me for the rest of fifth grade?
So, here's the before...

And the after...

And, as I was afraid of, this morning brought tears of regret. He made it through the day with minimal damage and says he's going to eat Jello everyday to encourage regrowth (It was the only ante dote I could think of. Being faced with an out-of-sorts 10-yr-old caused me to grapple some, I'm afraid. Maybe he'll just have strong nails a month from now.)
He had full support from the rest of us:

Jake did a little happy dance when Noodle's back was turned...I returned fist-pumping, silent screams of joy when he turned towards Jake. We're mature like that. :)

It's late.
I've got Jello to make.
Good Night.
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Mommy said...

Tell Noodle I like his rock star hair. Or maybe you shouldn't tell him because maybe it would just be another vote against it that his mother's friends like his haircut.


Betsy said...

I agree--looks great! But maybe he doesn't want to hear that moms everywhere love his hair! :)

Tammy said...

I love that I can see his beautiful eyes. The girls really go for eyes, but maybe he doesn't need to know that in 5th grade! ahem...

I think it looks great too!

Seversons said...

Looks great Noah! Your hair looks great any way you have it!