Friday, October 21, 2005

Change in Plans

We were really looking forward to having Grandma K (my mom ) and Great Grandma Penny up tonight and tomorrow morning. However, at this point Grandma Penny is in the hospital with a bladder infection and dehydration... please pray for her as her body can't take a lot!

I got to see Noah in action in his classroom today as he was the "Star of the Week." He asked if I would come, and at this point I'll go in for everything I can... the time may come when he doesn't want me there and I'll eat up every chance to show my love and support. He has a great teacher and seems to be doing well his first year in the public school. More thoughts on that topic in another post... My "boys" are home now and I've got hugs to distribute!

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Possum Pearl said...

Praying for Grandma Penny! I'm glad you got to experience the special time with your son in class. Sounds neat! *Smile*