Thursday, October 27, 2005

Just a little update...

We are all well in the Dahl house. I haven't updated for awhile, other than telling you I'm comparable to a frog and complaining about my blog. My apologies.

Noah is doing very well in school. Many more pros than cons at this point. He's adjusted well, has a great teacher and we even found out he has a knack for running! (definitely not inherited from his mama's lazy-bones!) He had to do a mile in gym class and came in at 8 and a half minutes... Then repeated it a couple weeks later, shaving four more seconds off! I went and watched the second time (a perk of being at home) and his stride was beautiful. Maybe I could give him the screen-name Gazelle. Gaz? The Gaz. hee hee.

Doodle is doing well, too. We're working hard at diligence (time management) and this week I bought a phonics supplement to his curriculum. He's been doing well with it, and I hope hitting the short vowel sounds will help him feel more confident in reading. I know we get to it in our curriculum eventually, but I hate to have the kid held back from reading when I know he's there, on the brink, ready to bust out into rapidly reading every box, sign and label he sees!

Bella is great- she's busy as usual- diving in head first to everything she does. She's been dressing up and imagining a lot- usually in the animal world. Most often she's a kitty named "Rose" or a puppy named "Cassie" who just mews/barks when she is spoken to. It's been fun...

I'm off to work. It's slowing down as the fall color fades, and I'm thankful for more family time.

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Possum Pearl said...

Glad to hear that all is well! The Great Gaz! *Smile*