Saturday, October 01, 2005

Thank You, Lord.

Lord, I thank you for the day this week that You brought Jake to school early, and the opportunity I had to curl up next to my eldest and read Your word together, he in his Bible, and me in mine. Thank you for the verses shared-- he sharing his and me sharing mine. You knew how much I miss him during the day and what a treasure those moments would be. Thank you.

Thank you for waking the younger two just moments before we left. Thank you for their hugs.

I know that You knew the moment the door clicked shut that I didn't have my keys in hand. You also knew the door was locked. Thank you for your grace. It is usually so like me to immediately point a finger and find blame, but only in You can my reaction be what it needs to be... Extending grace because you gave it to me.

Thank you for the moments that followed when all four of us tumbled through the rain to the shed, only to find that the spare key wasn't where it should be. Again, thank you for the grace you gave when the words, "The last time we were playing with it, I think we had it..." came from the mouth of my child.

Thank you for the moment we all stood together and prayed. My children need to see my eyes turn to you in trouble. Thank you for your grace... On my own I'm so much more prone to start problem solving rather than turn control over to you.

It was a cold morning, Lord, and I knew we locked all the windows the night before. I knew. Yet after about 15 minutes of contemplating and door checking, attempting to pick locks and praying, You brought us to one lone window, which was easily accessible- its screen was easy to remove and lo and behold, it wasn't locked. Thank you, Lord.

Thank you for Your Spirit that brought us to prayers of Thanksgiving together as we headed off to school at last.

Your grace is sufficient. You supply us with all we need. Thank you, Lord.

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