Sunday, October 09, 2005

Photo Updates

Our first photo update is Doodle and his first missing tooth! He was very excited! The new tooth was not waiting for the old- it was already coming in behind it!

Some of you are aquainted with our sweet Mattie. Her nose got her into trouble this summer and her leg was terribly hurt in an ATV accident. After much vet care, four pins and many x-rays there were still loose bone fragments in her paw and the vet recommended an amputation. She's back home and doing very well. Still the same sweet Mattie!

We had the chance to go horseback riding yesterday. It was a beautiful fall day to do it. Here's my favorite photo of our flirtin' cowboy:

And finally, what is fall without jumping in a pile of leaves. Here are our bookends enjoying fall to it's fullest:

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Possum Pearl said...

Such cutie pies! Glad to hear that your little friend Mattie is home and doing well!