Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Innocent Thoughts on an Amputated Leg (the dog's)

I guess we didn't explain the whole amputation process to our kids very well. I just told the little ones that we had to finish up lunch so we could head to the vet to have Mattie's stitches taken out.

Ellie: So then they can sew her leg back on? Cause it's better now, so they'll put it on again.

Dawson: NO! (thoughtful moment) But can I see her leg when we go to the vet?

Me: Well, they've thrown it away by now, honey.

Dawson: I bet when the garbage men came they were like- "Oh, gross, there's a leg!"

Me (in Dawson language): prolly, Daws, prolly... :)


Possum Pearl said...

We had the sort of the same problem with explanations around here when we had our Fuzz neutered. Rosie couldn't figure out why he was walking funny when we brought him home *LOL!*

Christy said...

*laugh* That is so funny - not about the dog, tho.
Our dog has had several surgeries to have lumps removed. Not a fun thing and we are about due for some more removals. Oddly, none of my kids have asked to look at them. *grimace*
That's just nasty! *laugh*