Saturday, October 15, 2005

A fun photo meme!

Borrowed this fun meme from Mama! All you do is go to Google and search their images for pictures to match the following:
*Where you were raised*
*Where you are now*
*Your name*
*Your mama's name*
*Favorite food*
*Favorite drink*
*Favorite song*
*Favorite smell*
Let me know if you played along! I'd love to see your pictures!

Born and raised Wisconsin!

I am in the northwoods of Wisconsin.

My name is:

My mama's name is Kathy (mom... I didn't know you had posted this!) :)

Favorite Drink: YUM!!!

Favorite food: (goes with the theme of the weekend)

Favorite song: (How about a favorite artist?)

Favorite smell: Fresh cut grass


Possum Pearl said...

*ROFL* at the snow blower! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

Christy said...

The snowblower is TOO funny! *laugh*
I love the smell of cut grass, too! If they ever make that a candle I will buy it. *grin*
Oh, I followed the link from our pearly possum. *smile*

the dahls said...

Christy- when I "googled" "fresh cut grass" a ton of candles came up!!! I thought the same thing- I've gotta get my hands on one of those! I've been to your blog, too- through pearl! :)

fannie said...

Can you hear me scream!?? What a HOOT that first picture is. Thanks for the grin.


Christy said...

Oh - grass scented candles!! Won't Dh be glad to know that just by lighting one I'll think he has done some wonderful work. *grin* I'm going ot go look for a candle for myself. *wigglybrows*