Friday, October 14, 2005

Scrappin' Again!

Well, he did it again. My DH packed up the kids and headed to the home ranch and left me home to eat taco dip and scrapbook. Oh- I mean work. Work. :)

He left yesterday at noon and I headed to work early- before two- to get some extra hours in. The time went so quickly that I volunteered to go in early again tomorrow. The work is easy, it's not taking time away from my family and we are SUPER busy tomorrow- so it will be a win-win situation. I hope to get tomatoes canned before I have to leave. Cold pack or juice- that's the big question!

Here's the best part of the weekend... my college bud HM came up last night and we scrapbooked until 3 am! Now, I can't divulge how pitifully few pages I got done in that 5 hour block of time- but I think I was just getting my scrappin' blood flowing again because today went much better. I'm up to 8 pages for the weekend. AND COUNTING. My goal of 30 was a bit far fetched, but at least I've started for the year. So many pictures...My goal would be to do all of 2005 and wrap up the loose ends on my 2003 and 2004 albums this fall/winter. That would probably require a miracle and/or a maid, nanny and chef. On second thought... I've got all of my empty nesting years to "catch up" and only one short season to LIVE the memories. I'll live 'em while I can! Can't wait to see you, kiddos- Mama loves ya!!!

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Scrap woman! Scrap!