Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Doodle and Jakey

Doodle got Jakey in the emergency room when he broke his leg and since then there aren't many photos (or moments, for that matter) that Jakey isn't in or around. Posted by Picasa


Possum Pearl said...

*Cutie Pie!* Ah, yes... Rosie has a little stuffed Precious Moments Doll she received when she had her open heart surgery (17 mom. old). She can't sleep at night if "Precious" isn't in the bed too!

fannie said...

sweet sweet sweet!

Hey, Dahls! I have a two questions for you regarding a long-time-ago post.
1. Is there really a knitting store in your town?
2. Can I get your pizza sauce recipe?

:-)Thanks, you mad farm woman, you!